Cinco De Mayo

Our agenda for Saturday in observance of Cinco De Mayo:

1.  Breakfast at 3 Squares restaurant for some Chilaquilles

2.  Lunch Taqueria La Hacienda for some Al Pastor, pick up a pint of Mexican Shrimp Cocktails

3.  Stop at Los Ocampo for some Posoles or I might try to make this myself.

4.  Grocery shopping at Midtown Global Market for some pork shoulder to make Carnitas and...

pick up some produce to make Salsa Fresca

5.  Rent/buy "A Day Without A Mexican"

6.  Stop at the liquor store for some Jose Cuervos

7. Pick up some Churros and make my own Chocolate Fondue for dipping.


First Course
Mexican Shrimp Cocktails
Chips and homemade salsa and guacamole
A shot of Tequila

Second Course:
A shot of Tequila

Third Course:
Carnitas Tacos
A shot of Tequila

Churros with Chocolate Fondue

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


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